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With a combined legacy spanning over three decades, Academy Lock & Key and Academy Systems Group have been steadfast pillars in the security industry. While Academy Lock & Key has flourished as a trusted name in locksmith services throughout the Atlanta metro area, our journey with Academy Systems Group reflects our commitment to adapting and evolving with the ever-changing landscape of security needs. Founded in 1990, our partnership has seamlessly integrated traditional locksmith expertise with cutting-edge electronic security solutions, ensuring that all of our clients receive comprehensive security services tailored to their specific requirements.

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At the heart of our business philosophy lies a dedication to our core customers, whom we cherish as invaluable assets. Our operations thrive on a robust referral marketing strategy, a testament to the satisfaction and trust we instill in every client interaction. Academy Systems Group prides itself on the meticulous selection of only the highest-rated and rigorously tested products for our projects. With more than 40 years of collective industry experience, our team ensures that each security solution we implement meets the highest standards of reliability and effectiveness, providing you with peace of mind and protection for all of your security needs.

Card Access

When it comes to card access systems, we offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to your security needs. Our expertise lies in designing and implementing comprehensive access control systems that provide seamless entry management for all of your personnel. From key card issuance to advanced access permissions, we ensure that your premises are secure and accessible only to authorized individuals.

Security Camera Systems

We understand the importance of surveillance in maintaining the security of your property. That's why we offer state-of-the-art camera systems designed to provide 24/7 monitoring and recording. With our advanced technology and expertise, we can help you keep an eye on all the critical areas of your premises, deterring potential threats and providing valuable evidence in the event of an incident.

Intrusion/Burglary Alarm Systems

When it comes to protecting your property from intrusion and burglary, we've got you covered. Our intrusion/burglary alarm systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry and alert you to potential threats, giving you peace of mind knowing that your premises are secure. With our comprehensive solutions, including sensors, alarms, and monitoring services, we provide round-the-clock protection for all of your valuable assets.

Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial fire safety is paramount; and at Academy Lock & Key, we prioritize the protection of your business premises. Our commercial fire alarm systems are designed to detect smoke, heat, and other signs of fire, providing an early warning and enabling swift evacuation if necessary. With our expertise in installation, maintenance, and monitoring, we ensure that your fire alarm system is always operational and ready to safeguard all of your personnel and assets.

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